If you’re not on Goodreads, you should be. Never heard of it? Goodreads is an online community of authors, readers, and book-lovers who review books, share their recommendations, and interact with fellow readers and writers. Goodreads authors can regularly host giveaways and get involved with discussions in forums. It’s a great, great place. What makes it so great? Here are my 10 reasons.

//1// It has a pleasing user interface that is very approachable and friendly. — Goodreads has a lovely interface that is clean and lacks some of the blaring, “in-your-face” colors that sometimes accompany social websites. The book covers are big and easy to see. You have the ability to add html to your status updates (so a lot of people inject fun .gifs into their posts).

//2// Authors can host giveaways of copies of print books. — If you’re an author and you’ve got a profile on Goodreads, you can offer giveaway copies of your novels. Many authors sign their books they’re giving away to help attract entrants. Check out the thousands of giveaways that show up every day!

//3// You can collect quotes that you love from your favorite books. — I have always loved collecting quotes and Goodreads allows you to “favorite” or “add” quotes that you love. Check out popular quotes here.

//4// You can set yearly reading challenges for yourself. — This is a feature that I LOVE. I am a big believer in setting challenges for yourself and I love having visual reminders of my goals. Here is what the yearly challenge widget looks like:

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
L.M. has
read 17 books toward her goal of 36 books.

//5// If you’re an author, you can advertise your books on their website for “pay per click” pricing. — I used this feature for my book Night Bells. It worked really well to help gain exposure for my book and as far as advertising prices go, it isn’t very expensive. Check out their advertising program here.

//6// You can join groups and engage in forums. — I’m not super active in groups, but I am a member of several and it is a lot of fun engaging in forums and talking about your favorite books. Many groups read books every month and you can be a part of book clubs. Check out popular groups here.

//7// You can connect to Goodreads with Facebook and Twitter so that your friends know what you’re reading. — This is only a good feature if you want this sort of “across the board” syncing, but I like it that my reading progress shows up on Twitter feed.

//8// Goodreads reviews are typically more detailed and thorough than those found on book-selling sites. — When I want to know whether or not a book is worth reading, I do look to Amazon reviews, but I also look more closely at Goodreads reviews. Goodreads readers are very detailed in their reviews and often very helpful for when I’m trying to decide on a new book to read.

//9//Authors can list their books in the Goodreads database so that readers can add them to their shelves and review them. — This is an invaluable feature for authors. Adding your book to the database exposes it to new readers and allows it to be reviewed. You can add different versions of your books, too. If you have ebook, print, and hardcover versions, you can add all three and combine them into one “title” so that potential readers can see which versions are available.

//10// Goodreads is FUN. — I have loved Goodreads from the very first day that I joined it. It is a fun place to hang out and a great resource for finding new books to read. It’s a great place for authors and readers to interact with one another in a cordial environment. I love it!

If you’re not on Goodreads, join! If you ARE on Goodreads, add my books to your shelves using the links below!

Add Night Bells to your to-read shelf!

Add Silent Shades to your to-read shelf!

Add The Dark Ship to your to-read shelf!

10 Great Things About Goodreads
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