IMG_2942Every year, I like to set a reading goal for myself to keep me accountable when it comes to devouring books. 🙂 This year, my goal was set at 36. So far, I’ve consumed 33. Not as many as I had hoped by this time of year, but I feel confident that I can scarf down three more before the end of the year. Already, I’ve got one just a few percentage clicks from being complete and I’ve just started another one that I know will be something I don’t want to put down. I had hoped to have already reached my goal number by this time, but life gets busy. Once I’ve completed my year’s worth of reading, I’ll definitely be sure to share my favorites with you!

Reading is such a privilege. Most people don’t consider just how much of a blessing literacy is. Literacy and the ability to read, critically analyze, and think for yourself about a topic is truly a marvelous skill and one that not everyone on this earth has. Whenever I hear that people hate to read, I die a little on the inside. It’s the same feeling I get when people despise school or the chance to learn. So many of our American school children are frustrated eye-rollers about school and it makes me so sad. Education is such a gift! A GIFT! The ability we have to freely attend school, learn to read, and grow our minds is heavily under-appreciated in this country.

If you’ve never really had a knack or desire for reading, I always say, “You just haven’t found the right book or series yet.” For instance, growing up, my best friend always hated to read. Then, one day in high school she discovered the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Since then, she has been an avid and dedicated reader–usually consuming more tomes on average that I do! That’s why I fervently believe anyone can learn to love reading. With the right story and the right writer, anyone can become a lover of the written word.

Why not set a reading goal for yourself in 2014 (if you haven’t already)? Find some new favorites in the new year! I’ll reveal my reading goal for 2014 when I do my 2013 wrap up post. 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Spend some time over your break snuggled up on a couch or in a big comfy chair with some hot tea or cocoa and a great book!

2013 Reading Goal Check-Up
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