Now, I am by no means an expert on blogging, but since I’ve been growing my readers steadily for a while now, I thought it might be fun to give you 5 things I’ve learned! Blogging is almost an essential for authors–independent and traditional alike. Authors needs to have a blog in order to attract readers to your writing style and unique characteristics. If you’re not an author, but love to write or read, you might find yourself becoming a “book blogger”. For all of us, there are a few things that can help make our blogs successful.

1. Update your blog daily. // This one is tough–especially for people who have day jobs and many other commitments. With hard work and dedication, though, it is certainly possible. One of my tricks is scheduling. For instance, if I know I’m going to be super busy during one week (like THIS week, for example), I will write, polish, edit, and schedule ALL of my blog posts for a certain amount of days so that my blog is never vacant and has a post on each day. Scheduling is definitely your friend. Use it often. It will ensure that you are constantly offering something to your readers.

2. Develop a content niche. // Even if you’re an author of steampunk alien books, you can still develop a broad content niche to attract readers of other varieties. Though I am a fantasy//science-fiction author, I love to write about almost all writing, reading, and publishing topics. I post book reviews, writing tips, reading tips, entries about my books, and information on other authors. That is my niche. I’m a writing, reading, and author blog. That works for me. Find a niche that works for you and make sure your posts flow together and speak to a certain genre of topics.

3. Offer advertising and swaps. // This is definitely a trick I learned from popular blogs like Maiedae and Jenny-Highsmith. Swapping buttons and offering purchasable button spots on your blog is a fabulous way to connect with other bloggers, writers, readers, and others who may not fall into those categories. It is also a great way to get your name out there and attract new and unique readers! To get started, create a button for yourself using Photoshop, Paint, or another image editing program. Next, use apps like Passionfruit Ads (they are AMAZING) to take care of all the coding, button hosting, etc. You can host fun events for your sponsors on your blog in order to share links and grow readership on BOTH blogs!

4. Have pretty pictures on each post. // A simple one, but one that could change the whole image of your blog. Many authors, especially, don’t take the time to snap beautiful photos for their posts, but if they did, they might find their entries are read more and by a wider audience. Photos attract the eye and are generally pleasing to everyone. Make sure your photos are taken in good lighting and have visual interest.

5. Research blog traffic tips. // I’m not going to reinvent the wheel with regurgitated information about getting blog traffic. My above tips are things I’ve learned through experience, but other blog traffic-getting tips can be found all over the web. Research terms like “search engine optimization”, “blog traffic”, and “increasing blog readership”, and you are certain to find a wealth of helpful links at your fingertips. Don’t try to do four hundred tips at once. Take a few that are realistic for YOU and try them out! It can’t hurt to try a few new things every month to see how it affects your readership!


Stay strong, fellow bloggers, authors, writers, and readers! It is tough when you’re a new blog starting out! Try out the 5 tips above and you’re likely to see at least a small increase in your readers! I hope you all have a terrific Monday!


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5 Blogging Tips for Writers and Readers
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