What’s in the box you ask? Well, those would be my shiny, new business cards! *Cue Applause* I’m very excited about them. Want to see?

IMG_2947PSYCH! I’m not going to show you the whole shebang until you understand why it is so important for writers to have business cards. It’s not necessarily an item that authors think about when they’re just getting started, but for word-of-mouth networking, there is nothing better than having a business card to hand to someone with your essential branding information. Need handy dandy reasons for why business cards are so helpful? Here are FIVE!

//1// Business Cards Express Your Branding: With an attractive image or logo, some essential information, and plenty of classy “blank” space, you can create a branding that will draw people to your work.

//2// Business Cards Provide People with Essential Information: With such a small space, business cards are the perfect place to put down the essentials of your “business” as an author. You’ll want your name, website link, and the places people can buy your books. That’s IT. On the front side, you’ll want a catchy logo, picture of yourself, or images of your book covers.

//3// Business Cards Provide Opportunities to Network Effectively: Business cards take up very little space and act as a pocket-Rolodex. You can easily collect dozens without hampering your purse (or wallet) space. If you give someone your business card, it is unlikely they’ll throw it away. If they were going to do that, they wouldn’t have taken it in the first place! When you’re out meeting readers or fellow professionals, offer your card!

//4// Business Cards Make you Instantly Appear Professional: If you have a business card, you’re legit. At least in my humble opinion. If you’ve taken the time to design (or hired a designer) to create a card to brand yourself as an author, you’re serious about what you’re doing. Other people will take you seriously, too.

//5// Business Cards Are Inexpensive to Design and Print, SO HAVE THEM! If you’re savvy with Photoshop (or have friends who are), you can design an attractive business card for nothing. If you are design-challenged, that’s alright. There are some very inexpensive design packages for branding out there! If you’re needing a business card designed, check out my friends over at Maiedae! They love working with folks on their business branding. Getting your cards printed is also very affordable. My whole batch of 50 cards only cost me $20.00 (including shipping!) I was able to use a coupon in order to get the free shipping. Keep your eyes open!

All that being said, are you ready to take a peek at my business cards? I’m very pleased with them. I designed them myself with some consultations with my Maiedae girls and I love the final product! I used MOO for my printing and was extraordinarily pleased with their service.




I went with a simple design with my profile image on the front with my signature. On the back, I just had my name (and career description) with links to my website and books. I couldn’t be happier with them!

Some other ideas for author business cards:

>> You could also use your cover art for business cards!

>> You could create bookmarks instead of traditionally sized business cards!

>> You could have social media icons to let people know you’re available online!

Some other articles that you might find helpful on the subject of author/writer business cards:

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Do you have business cards? If so, share your tips for networking with them!

Happy Friday!



5 Reasons Why Authors Should Have Classy Business Cards
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