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The lovely Savannah of the Maiedae blog tagged me in her 5 THINGS post, so here’s my response post. 🙂 The point of this post is to share 5 things that you might not know about me. So, here goes!

//1// I created the beginnings of my own language in middle school. Not only did it have its own lettering system, but it also had different rules from English. I went all out–suffixes, prefixes, the beginnings of a dictionary, sentence structure, etc. Middle school, folks. I was a major nerd. 😉 I have looked at it off and on since then, but haven’t done much with it. I would LOVE to complete it and use it in one of my novel series. When I complete it, I’ll create a page especially for it on my website! I’d love to have folks walking around speaking the language I created for my books! 🙂

//2// I am VERY afraid of driving up hills (read: terrified). I have no idea how this phobia started, but ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had recurring nightmares of driving up extremely steep hills. Friends who’ve traveled with me know how real this is and how much it affects me. Whenever we go to a mountainous region, I have to either close my eyes or play a game on my Kindle Fire. It’s the only way I can cope with the terror. It’s the weirdest thing! The only memory I have of driving up a steep hill and sliding backwards is when the roads would get icy during the winter growing up. Perhaps it started there?

//3// I can’t sleep on airplanes. I’ve only flown six or seven times, but every single time that I’ve tried to sleep on a plane, I’ve been unable to. My first flight ever was from ATL to Frankfurt, Germany. Couldn’t sleep a wink at all during the 9.5 hour flight… (O_o) Maybe this’ll change one day, but so far it’s remained true.

//4// I saw my future husband on the Nickelodeon show “Figure It Out” when I was a kid. Later, when I met him in high school, he told me about being on the show with his little brother when they were young and I was like…WHAT!? I totally saw that episode! How cool is it that I saw my hubby on TV when we were like ten years old? I think that’s pretty cool. 🙂

//5// I recently started teaching yoga twice a week! I’ve been practicing yoga since I was eighteen and LOVE it. So far, I’m enjoying teaching yoga classes and it has been a very positive addition to my busy weeks. 🙂 Yoga is such a relaxing, meditative activity and it helps my mind to calm and settle down.

Since I’ve been tagged, I’ll tag a few other folks!

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Have a terrific Thursday, everyone!


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