Authors are a fun bunch of folks, but many of us are rather introverted–especially around crowds of new people. The advent of social media has enabled the hermit-like writers inside us to branch out and “get ourselves out there”! This is both blessing and burden. For instance, it is extremely difficult to be “on” all the time. Though many writers work from home, a lot don’t! Some writers have a home office and have the opportunity to be a novelist full-time. Some have day-jobs and have to squeeze in their writing whenever they can. For some of us, it is difficult to fit in our social media in the midst of busy lives, family time, and other relationships and responsibilities.

That shouldn’t deter you, though. Most authors I know ARE online at some point throughout the day. SO! Where can you find your favorite authors? Where can you discover new talent and exciting stories to read? Fear not! Below are some exciting places to find your favorite authors and discover new ones. I’ll link to my own pages where I have them to give you an example of what they look like. As well, you can always *cough* follow me on them…Just saying. I’m SUPER interesting. 😉

>>Goodreads — If you aren’t on Goodreads, SHAME ON YOU! It is such an amazing place! Not only are many authors members on Goodreads, but there is database of about a gazillion books with reviews and summaries to add to “shelves” and to share with friends. If you’re not a member, go now! As well, it is a great place to stay in touch with authors. Some are on forums and threads. Some frequently update blog posts and statuses, so that you can find out what they’re up to and what they’re reading.

>> Twitter — This one is probably rather obvious, but seriously, Twitter is GREAT for meeting authors and carrying on 140 character dialogues with them! For instance, I often talk about books and writing with fellow author friends that I first interacted with on Twitter! Fabulous way to support your favorite authors, too! You can follow them, retweet their updates and news feeds, and reply to their questions and thoughts!

>> Facebook — Another obvious one, but Facebook, like Twitter, is a great place to receive news and updates from your favorite author. As well, as a fan you can “like” them and increase your favorite authors’ popularity on the interwebs.

>> Email — Be careful with this one. If you contact an author via email or a contact form on their site, restrict your content to topics about their books, writing, etc. Writers have to work to maintain their privacy and if you ask questions that are too personal, it is likely that you’ll never receive a response or if you do, it will not be what you were looking for. That being said, writers love to hear from fans about their work or questions regarding their stories! As well, if you’re a fellow writer looking to publish, many authors would be more than happy to talk about their particular experiences with publishing.

>> Author Blogs — Many writers love to blog, because it gives us a challenge to write in non-“novelly” ways. As well, we love to talk about the process of writing and about bits and pieces of our lives. Comments make us SO happy! If you have a favorite author, but never comment on their site, consider giving it a go! We love to hear from readers!

There you have it! Five ways to interact with your favorite or newly discovered authors! Go give them a shot. You’ll make our little author hearts sing!

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5 Ways to Interact with Your Favorite Authors!
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