Since it’s already the fourth of December (NO WAY!), I thought I’d check in on my progress for our Christmas Tale blog event! I’m about 75-ish% through A Christmas Carol and plan on finishing that up today or tomorrow. You can expect a review soon! Then, I’ll launch into Hogfather–which will be a considerably longer read. I’m planning to share my reading traditions sporadically throughout the days until Christmas. Thanks for tagging along with us! Don’t forget to check out Yawatta Hosby’s page during the days leading up to Christmas! She’s also participating in the event.

P.S.– Sorry my posts have been so short the last two days. I’ve sustained a shoulder injury from my martial arts practice and I’m letting it rest a good bit. Typing doesn’t tweak it out too badly, but it makes it feel really tired. Still gotta get my normal writing and editing work done! In the meantime, here are some reminders!


>> December is here! Consider sponsoring Unearthing Words–especially if you’d like your blog to be exposed to new and exciting folks! Also, depending on which sponsor spot you pick, you might be able to join in on a group feature post or solo interview sometime during the month! My new prices and conditions are listed here.

>> My first book, Night Bells, is now only $0.99 on Kindle and Nook! Love fantasy stories with sci-fi characteristics? Love stories about family and overcoming obstacles? This is a story for you!

>> If you’ve read Night Bells, you’ll be excited to know that there is a sequel! Now available at in eBook and print, and at in eBook. 🙂 It’s called Silent Shades.

A Christmas Tale Blog Event Check-In
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