On Saturday, the Philosopher and I took a much needed break from the world and whisked away on an all-day date. Those days are SO special to me. My husband and I have been together since we were in high school and we established traditions of going on all-day dates back in those days. They’ve become a less frequent occurrence since getting married, because of being so busy, but when we do have them, we enjoy them to the fullest.

We started off our date with a drive through the country in order to get to the adorable Seabloom Farms. Being the 8 year olds we are, we of course had to do the corn maze! It was a lot of fun and the Philosopher had never done one before. He loves mazes, so I think he was very impressed with the experience.

Next, we went to the Georgia Winery. Okay, for serious, people, we Georgians know how to appreciate wine and I have to brag on our local winery. It is seriously awesome. They specialize in muscadine wines and they have a sweeter taste than many, but I ADORE THEM. The Philosopher kept at it and finally got me to like wine–mainly due in part to this winery’s offerings. This was our second trip to this place and we stocked up on tasty favorites.

We finished off our day with a trek up to Chattanooga where we enjoyed puttering around McKay’s– a really fun used media store– and then the Downtown. I didn’t get pictures of this, but for dinner we ate at a really amazing Irish pub called “The Honest Pint”. SO. GOOD. Oh my gosh…my mouth is drooling just thinking about it.

To end the night, we came home and rested a bit before watching a show together. Honestly, I was so worn out by our awesome day that I forgot what we watched! LOL. It was so nice to get away for a while and give my writing brain a rest and enjoy the day! Now that the week is fresh and new, I’m ready to jump back in and get my fingers clicking on these keys to add new words to my manuscripts!

Have a terrific Monday!


A Getaway Weekend!
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