I adore haiku writing. It is something that relaxes me when I am frustrated or worried. it is also something I do when I’m very happy. Pretty much I’ll write haiku for just about any reason. My journal (that goes with me everywhere) is riddled with haiku here and there. I tend to write one a week. It is currently raining in the southern U.S., so I wrote the following haiku for the day:

Rain falls gently down

Over the leaves and branches

Of an ancient tree

Enjoy! Why not try your hand at a haiku? Haiku poems are typically about nature, though they can be written about anything you like. There is no rhyming pattern, but there is a syllable pattern: first line (5), second line (7), third line (5).

Share your haiku poetry in the comments section! I’d love to read yours!

A Haiku for the Day

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