Well, three full days have passed since the tree has come down. It still sits in our backyard, cluttering up the place. We still don’t have power in our bedroom and master bath. But you know what? It’s alright. The Philosopher and I had a surprisingly awesome weekend despite all the tree drama. We got to spend time with family, friends, and each other. We also got some healthy perspective that we can come through anything with joy and peace. Our biggest prayer for the week ahead is that we don’t get overwhelmed with normal life, social obligations, insurance meetings, ¬†and construction with the tree removal and roof work.

I was able to get my normal writing done this morning. I actually have a meeting I have to go to at 11:00, so my workday will be interrupted just a bit, but when I get back, I’ll jump right back in and get my editing and Maiedae work finished. Tonight, I’m looking forward to cooking some ricotta and spinach pasta shells and doing some chores around the house. Then? REST.

It is so interesting to write when you have a bazillion things on your mind. I find it much harder to get in my zone when my mind is full of thoughts and to-do lists. But that’s okay. My mind can’t always be clear every single day.

Some things I’m looking forward to for the day:

~Seeing my hubby at lunch and after work

~running through a night yoga vinyasa before bed


~cooking something new

~editing on my novel

~Maiedae work

~quality devotional time with God

~quiet and peace


Some things I’m looking forward to this week:

~getting back to martial arts training (last week the dojang was closed)

~continuing to make time for yoga every day

~getting the fourth edit of my manuscript done or mostly done

~catching up on Maiedae work and discussing new responsibilities!

~intentionally practicing wellness–physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual

~getting a lot of writing done on my current novel

~spending time with my husband and friends


What are you looking forward to today? This week? I’d love to hear! Share, share, share!


A New Week
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  • Kelli

    I like that – “intentionally practicing wellness”. What an excellent concept!

    I’m coming off 4 shifts of ER nursing that followed 5 days of vacation so this week, I am looking forward to…

    ~ RESTING. There will be many, many naps before I go back to work Friday.
    ~ Getting back into stretching/yoga (during vacation my normal health behaviors were sadly lacking).
    ~ Getting my house straightened up.
    ~ Catching up on the little things that fall behind when I’m too busy (shaved legs, anyone?).
    ~ Sewing, writing, editing a few pictures.
    ~ COOKING something! I never cook on days I work OR on vacation. As a result, the past 15 days in a row I haven’t held a spoon or a spatula. Crazy!

    Love you, Mrs Leah!
    Good luck with the tree hullibalooo! Hope it all gets resolved quickly. Thinking of you guys!

    • Sounds like you deserve a break, Mrs. Kelli! I love you! Miss you! Thanks for sharing what you’re looking forward to! They all sound super exciting!

  • How can you NOT be looking forward to martial arts? I know I am. Unfortunately, they scheduled choir practice tonight, so it won’t be until Tuesday that I’ll be in the dojang.

    • I DID say I was looking forward to martial arts! I don’t go on Monday nights, so I didn’t say it for today. I said I look forward to going back under the “week” category. LOL.

  • Odd. I read that completely wrong. I need my eyes checked….


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