WOW. My brain is ALL OVER THE PLACE today. For reals. I have a HUGE to-do list and I need to get it all done! I normally work a pretty average 8:30-3:00 day, but today, things are just getting done when they get done.

What can you do when you have days like this?

Go with the flow. 

That’s right. If your brain is itching to get a certain task done, go do it. You’ll thank yourself later and you’ll still manage to be productive. Normally each morning, I’ll sit down and get my writing done first. I’ll do blogging next. Then, I’ll progress to Maiedae work. Then, I’ll do my editing for the day.

Here’s what my day looks like today:

8AM- Make dinner in the crockpot

8:30AM–blog post

9:00AM–Phone call about blog consulting

9:50AM–blog post

10AM–Maiedae Work

10:30AM–Get dolled up to run errands

1:00ish PM–Writing//Editing

3:00ish PM–HOUSEWORK major…

Night-time–finish any to-do’s and REST

It may not look like a busy schedule, but if you had seen my entire to-do list (pictured partially above), you would know there are about a million things on there–most of them counting as errands, LOL.

I’ll get it all done, though. It may not all get done today, but a huge dent will be put in. 🙂

I hope you have a terrific Wednesday! Get those projects done that you’ve wanted to do all week!


A Rather Large To-Do List
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