Morning, all!

Wow. It is almost hard to get my brain wrapped around the fact that it’s Monday! Saturday was my birthday (you can read a brief post about it here) and because of that, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all taken up with wonderful activities!

Friday night, a very special couple came up to visit us and have dinner. On Saturday, the hubby and I slept in, watched Saturday morning cartoons, ate a small lunch, and went to buy a new ceiling fan for our room (classy birthday activities, I tell ya!) It has been wickedly (a.k.a. DISGUSTINGLY) hot in the southeastern U.S. and a fan was a fabulous birthday present. When we came home, the Philosopher spent the next two hours messing with wiring and assembling the new fan. My parents came up and more ceiling fan activity ensued. Then, we all went to a nice dinner at a fun Italian restaurant in my town. After my parents left, the Philosopher and I watched “Kung Fu Panda”, because I’m really 8 years old at heart. 🙂 On Sunday, we went to early church and then to my in-loves’ house (we don’t call people “in-laws” in our family) and had a fun lunch with them. When we came home, my hubby and I were exhausted and ended up resting most of the day.

It was a terrific birthday weekend and I could not have asked for a better celebration! Getting older is strange, but also fun at the same time.

I am doing my schedule out of order again, today. I have QUITE a busy evening and have several errands to run in the early afternoon. As tends to happen when I have lots going on, I approach my tasks by interest level. This morning, that means blogging first. After that, I plan on writing my 2,000+ words on my manuscript and continuing with other tasks accordingly.

I hope you all have a terrific Monday! Thanks for stopping by!



A Whirlwind Weekend!
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