This weekend was busy, but awesome. The Philosopher and I were out of town Friday through Sunday and got back last night a little before midnight. Today, I woke up with a wicked sore throat, but managed to crank out a really productive morning. It didn’t involve writing, Maiedae, or marketing, though. It involved other stuff. By “other stuff”, I mean the following:

>> Taught yoga

>> Got groceries

>> Put away groceries

>> Put together a shelf for my bedroom

>> Cleaned off my horridly dusty untidy nightstand

>> Dusted my nightstand

>> Organized the gazillion books I keep by my bed at night on the new shelf

>> Had lunch

>> Took a short walk with my hubby on his lunch break

>> Put a load of laundry in

>> Cleaned out my personal gmail inbox (I like a tidy, message-free inbox…)

All that has been accomplished and it’s only 2:45. And yet…I still feel like I’m majorly behind on work (of ALL sorts). Sometimes, you’ve just got to hunker down and get your life to-do list figured out before your work to-do list. For instance, with all the traveling we’ve been doing, it is essential that I get my house back into shape so that we can have a spic and span living environment. It is also essential that I get lots of work done this week on my novels and Maiedae work. On weeks when I have so much going on and so much to do, I like to start off on Monday knocking a TON of stuff off my to-do lists. If I have to prioritize a life or work to-do list, I’ll usually prioritize a life to-do list on Mondays so that it can set a productive and clean tone for the rest of the week.

As I put out more novels and try to keep writing to keep producing new books, my workload with marketing, blogging, and social media grows. This makes it more difficult to balance household//errand tasks and work. My advice? Create a household cleaning schedule for yourself so that you’re not overloading yourself everyday with house stuff to the detriment of your writing, but so that your house will stay nice and tidy all week.

I’m nowhere near done with my industrious Monday, but I’m looking forward to marking LOTS of things off my to-do list so that I don’t have to be quite so busy or frazzled every day this week.

How do you like to start off your work week? Chill and relaxed or raring to go? Share your thoughts!



>> Take a look at this post and follow the instructions. Thank you for your help!

An Industrious Beginning to the Week
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  • Kelli

    I would like to THINK that I am super productive on Mondays; but if I’m honest, Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be my best days for working from home. I tend to be a bit ‘wiped out’ from either working or playing on the weekend and by the time Monday rolls around, a 2pm nap is sounding like an awesome idea…

    But I make up for this by having super-productive Tuesdays/Wednesdays and hitting the housework hard on Thursdays. Then it’s back to Friday and ‘weekend mode’ begins!

    • You’re a busy, busy bee, Mrs. Kelli! Miss you!!!

  • I like to be as productive as I possibly can be on Monday’s so the rest of the week doesn’t seem like complete craziness!

  • i love a clean inbox as well! i hate it when it goes over 50 – then i know i really need to make time for some computer time!

    and i start my week usually late with starbucks in hand and breakfast in my purse. I work out of the home and have a 20 minute commute so my work starts if i am ready or not! i try to get all my home stuff done on the weekends so i don’t have to come home to a messy home 🙂

    • I know, right? I sometimes clean on the weekends, but usually my weekends are filled with major stuff and traveling. I like to clean as a part of “work”, so that on the weekends, I can just chill and focus on our activities.


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