No fancy picture for today, guys. Just my thoughts on the empty page. I’ve been somewhat under the weather the last few days and I’m feeling particularly “chill” for the moment. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about writing challenges. Full disclosure here: I’m having trouble writing the third Tale from Niflheim (TFN #3). Both Night Bells and Silent Shades had their own difficulties, for sure, but this book is just giving me fits. There ARE definitely downsides to being a writer who doesn’t spend a lot of time planning. On the one hand, you have the freedom to let your mind create what it will when it wills it. On the other hand, when you “write” yourself into a corner that you can’t get out of…it means LOTS and LOTS of rewriting, reorganizing, and long hours.

It can also mean that your beloved muse for the story winks out every now and then. I’ll be honest, I’m still thinking about TFN #3 an awful lot, but there haven’t been many sparks of intrigue or miraculous ideas to incorporate into the mess of a first draft I’ve created. It’s humbling in many ways. I still have so, so much to learn about being a writer and an author. You know what, though? It’s good. These sorts of challenges are excellent to help writers grow into better writers.

Also, my muse isn’t completely dormant right now. I’ve been excitedly planning (*gasp*) and working on a novella that I’m hoping to release soon! Two of my goals for 2013 were to (a) plan more for my stories and (b) write at least one novella. Well, I’m working on BOTH of those goals in one story right now! My mind needed a little break from TFN #3 and yet I still needed to be productive, so I’m thankfully doing both! Talk about killing two birds with one stone…

The new novella is still in the early stages (only about 2,000 words in) and I’m not sure how long I’m planning on making it, but I will tell you that it is a part of my Primoris System universe and it will be appropriate for young adult and adult readers alike. I’m pretty excited about this one, folks. After all the trouble I’ve had with TFN #3, it is nice to have some creative excitement going! I figure, why not indulge it and come back to TFN #3 when my mind has had a writing success and I’m refreshed from it?

So, for those of you patiently waiting for the third installment in the Maslyns’ stories, forgive me. It will still be a little while, but I’m still hoping to have it available in spring or early summer. Once I’ve got more progress on it, I’ll give you tastes of what’s to come!

I’ll be releasing more information on the new novella soon. To give you a teaser, it involves a young boy as the protagonist, magic, steampunk elements, and adorable creatures! Can’t wait to tell you more about it soon!

An Update on Tales from Niflheim #3, a New Novella, and Writing Challenges!
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