So, this was one of those mornings that I could have slept in for a bazillion hours. I am worn out. It’s a good worn out, though. I am working my heart out on my passion and that makes me happy. Only 8 days left to get this puppy ready to go and I’m gonna do it, I say! Yesterday, I worked until 5:20 or so and then my honey and I went out on a date! It was difficult to keep my mind in the present when I still had forty thousand book and publishing thoughts rolling around in my skull, but somehow I was able to have a terrific and restful night. But last night at about 8 o’clock, it hit me….the dreaded exhaustion. I haven’t been feeling super great lately–think I’ve come down with some sort of bug–and I’ve been pulling some extreme hours, so my body was like, “Whoa! Slow down there, hoss! You need to chill out for a while!”

So, I stayed slumped on the couch for about five hours last night, LOL. This morning, I woke up and was ready to get going, but I am going to try and take it slow. Gonna enjoy some green tea and remember that a WHOLE lot can be accomplished in 8 days. A LOT. I don’t have to work myself to death to get this done. It will get done. I’ve been working hard on this book for almost three years. It is *THIS* close to being ready.

I suppose this is a weird post when it comes to balance, but sometimes, you have to go on overdrive in order to have a period of rest later. That’s part of being balanced, too. We can’t always be slow and steady and calm. Sometimes we have to churn the waves and get some serious swimming done before we can breathe on the safety of the shore.

I hope this is a happy Thursday for you!

Off to get some work done. 🙂


Balance: Going on Overdrive
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