Tuesdays and Thursdays are always extremely busy for me. Somehow, I end up having a million house chores to do on top of writing, editing, Maiedae work, and blog work. Then, I always go to two different martial arts classes on those days, so my day is very fast-paced and full. But you know what? I LOVE everything I do on these days. I’m one of those nuts who actually likes certain chores–especially laundry and cooking and such. I adore my work and my martial arts classes. Despite all of that love, though, I can get overwhelmed, so I have to remind myself…wait…you LIKE doing these things.

Today, I have a basket full of laundry to fold, a meal plan to figure out (hopefully from stuff I have lying around the pantry and fridge), and several other household projects that need to be completed by the time I go to sleep tonight. It will be wonderful, though, to have accomplished all of those things and to have enjoyed them.

That’s key to achieving balance on the busy days. Remember that you actually love what you’re doing–even if you have forty bajillion things on your to-do list. Take everything a task at a time and devote your attention and energy to that one task before moving on to another one. You’d be surprised how productive you can be and how cheery you can be while doing each item!

Balance is about organization, remembering your joy in each moment, and devoting your mindfulness and attention to every task. Each one is precious and important. Next time you’re feeling harried, busy, and overworked, SLOW DOWN. Breathe. Look at the fist task and find several things you like about that task and focus on those emotions while you get to it!

Have a happy, busy Tuesday!

Balance: Those Busy Days
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