This is something I’m looking forward to today! Unfortunately  the Philosopher has come down with some nasty sinus bug. Bonus for married folks? Typically, when one spouse gets sick, the other gets sick soon after–at least most of the time. So, currently, my hubby is in the bed loaded up with antihistamine and sugar plums dancing in his head. Me? I’m feelin’ pretty crummy, but I’m chugging along, working in my pajamas, and drinking lots of fluids. I’ll confess, I did sleep about an hour later this morning (on the understanding that I’ll be working through lunch or an hour later this evening). Why can’t I just take a day off? Because I’m in PUBLISHING WEEK, my friends! That’s right! The sequel to Night Bells will hopefully be available in eBook by the end of this week. Sometimes, even when you’re sick, you just cannot take a day, no matter how much you’d like to. So, what can you do on days like that? Here are some things that I do to help my sick body and mind adjust to a normal work schedule:

1 // Sleep a little later, work a little later >> Sick bodies need lots of rest if they are to heal properly. However, as stated above, sometimes you can’t take off work. If you’re salaried or you work from home, you have several options. You can sleep in a bit (to let your body soak up more rest time) and then work a bit later in the evening. You can work through your lunch. You can telecommute (if you normally work in an office). If sleeping in is not an option, after you come home from work, go to BED. Or at least go to bed a lot earlier than you normally do.

2// Take a break from strenuous activity >> Many of us work in offices and then try to squeeze in exercise in the mornings, evenings, or at lunch time. If you’re feeling sick and you still have to work, take a day or two off from the exercises and just rest during your free time. Lay down and take a nap or just sit and watch a TV show. Let your body take time to use all its available energy for healing.

3 // Drink LOTS of fluids throughout the day >> Load up one of those travel mugs with green tea or some other herbal tea! Fill up a Big Gulp cup with cool water! Rules for when you’re sick: lay off the dairy-based drinks and sodas. They only muck up your already congested system. Stick to clear fluids and take in plenty of them. It will help flush out your system of toxins and keep your body well hydrated.

4 // Eat foods that are easy for your body to digest >> On sick days, you probably don’t want to go out and grab a greasy burger from a fast food joint. You may not even feel like eating at all, depending on how sick you are. If you are SUPER sick, try some hot broth or some other soup. If you’re mildly sick, stick to the healthiest stuff so that your body is getting only good things during a time when it is on overload trying to get you well!

5 // Be loving to yourself >> I was tempted to be really down on myself that I was getting sick during a REALLY busy week — as if it was my fault. That’s just nonsense. It can be easy sometimes to blame yourself for things you can’t control. If you’re working and you’re sick, take it a bit easier on your spirit. Take longer breaks between projects. Speak kind words to yourself. Don’t sweat the small stuff. You can’t help it that you’re sick and that you have to work, but you can love your way through it.

There are five easy tips for you when you’re feeling under the weather and you just have to work! If that’s YOU today, I truly hope that you get to feeling better soon and that you take these tips to heart! Have a tremendously wonderful Monday, all! Thanks for stopping by!


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Balance: When You’re Feeling Sick
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