This is Mogget. He is one of the most complex, exciting, and terrific characters ever invited. He hales from the novel Sabriel by Garth Nix. If you’ve never read this book (or its sequels Lirael and Abhorsen) you are really doing yourself a disservice, because they are amazing. I decided to start my feature “Beloved Beings” with Mogget for several reasons. First, Mogget was the really one of the first characters I ever grew attached to as a young person. I thought he was the best thing since sliced bread when I first read Sabriel in middle school (on a friend’s recommendation). So what makes Mogget so great? In order to tell you, I’ll have to give you a brief description of who Mogget is!

Characterization and Appearance

It is perhaps best to learn about someone based on their own words, so without further ado, here is what Mogget says about himself:

“You may call me Mogget. As to what I am, I was once many things, but now I am only several. Primarily, I am a servant of Abhorsen…” (p.121)

In appearance, Mogget is depicted as the cat in the image above. He has white fur, green eyes, and wears a red leather collar with a bell attached. Once you read Sabriel you will understand the significance of both collar and bell. For now, it is enough for you to know that Mogget’s words about himself are exactly correct: he is several things not one.

Mogget’s personality can be described as sardonic, apathetic, and aloof. He spends much of his time tossing sarcastic quips and jibes towards the main characters and can sometimes be cruel. By his own admission we know he is a servant, but make no mistake in thinking that he is content to be so.


Mogget appealed to me as a child because he was so vastly different from any other character I had ever encountered. Before or after, I could never really think of someone quite like Mogget. I tend to grow attached to people and animals in books, but Mogget and I “shared” something special. I cannot really put my finger on it, but you know it when it happens. I was drawn to his characterization and I never forgot him. Since I am now rereading Sabriel for the third time in my life (or is it the fourth?) I was probably most excited about “meeting” Mogget again. As always, he lived up to every expectation and memory.

Mogget is dangerous. He has the appearance of a darling kitty, but as with all casts, underneath the surface, a fierce entity lurks. When you read about Mogget, you get the impression that something sinister and dark waits beneath the fur and collar. Still, as with all borderline antagonistic characters, you respect him because of his choices and his devotion despite himself.

Call to Action

Have you ever read Sabriel and its sequels? If so, who was your favorite character? What did you think of Mogget? I’d love to hear your thoughts! If you’ve never read this book, go out there to a library IMMEDIATELY and read them! This series is AMAZING and one of my all-time favorites. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Once you’ve given it a read, share your favorite characters with us and your own opinion of Mogget!

Thanks for stopping by today, ladies and gents! I hope you enjoy the new feature. You can expect more Beloved Beings posts every now and again. I’m a character junkie, so I hope I’ll find some kindred spirits out there. Go over and check out the lovely artist who drew the picture above, as well! You can find her work on Deviant Art!

Beloved Beings: Mogget from Sabriel
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