Title: Ella Enchanted

Author: Gail Carson Levine

Length: 232 pages

Genre: Fantasy//Fairy tale retelling

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


First off, be warned. This is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite books and I cannot say enough good things about it. If you’re looking for someone to find any faults with this lovely novel, seek it elsewhere. This book is a jewel among young adult fiction titles. Growing up, I had to have read this book about five times at least, probably more. I adored everything about this story. In fact, I plan on reading it again soon as an adult. I found this to be an excellent twist on the traditional Cinderella fairy tale. The heroine was strong, but vulnerable. Her “curse” was particularly well executed and I thought the story was chock-full of tension, excitement, romance, and fantasy.

This book is an excellent piece on female empowerment without making the heroine without flaws, vulnerability, or femininity. Ella is a brave girl and has difficult choices to make in her life. The “curse” she bears makes for VERY tense and interesting reading. If you love fairy-tale retellings, you seriously need to go and get this book RIGHT now. Gail Carson Levine is an extremely talented author, wordsmith, and visionary. You will not be disappointed in Ella Enchanted.

Book Review: Ella Enchanted
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