This weekend was INSANELY awesome and busy. On Saturday, I was at my very first book signing at Barnes and Noble in Rome, GA! It went so, so well. So many wonderful folks came out to grab the book and talk. It was terrific seeing so many smiling faces and to feel the love, support, and encouragement from them! Here are some snapshots of the event:

Busily signing away!
Busily signing away!
The authors were placed right by the door with the magazines! Great spot to meet and greet!
The authors were placed right by the door with the magazines! Great spot to meet and greet!
A happy author. :-)
A happy author. 🙂

To those who came, thank you so, so, so much! It melted my heart to see such a turnout. I could not have been happier with the way the whole event transpired. Can’t wait for the next one! If you missed the event and would like to grab copies of my books Night Bells and Silent Shades, you can purchase them (unsigned,) in the following places:


Amazon: Print // Ebook

Barnes and Noble: Ebook

Smashwords: FREE Ebook


Amazon: Print // Ebook

Barnes and Noble: Ebook

Smashwords: Ebook

Thank you, wonderful readers! You make all the work worth every minute! Have a very happy Monday!

Book Signing Awesomeness!
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  • I was waiting to read how the signing went, I’m so happy for you, what an amazing experience!

    • Awww! You’re a sweetheart! It went so super well. It was a very exciting experience!I hope your writing is going well these days! Any fun projects you’re working on currently?

      • I’m re-editing my novel Sacred Wizards and working in a little zine for my birthday 🙂

        • Fun, fun! Happy pre-birthday, I take it? 😉

  • CC

    I’ve been curious about your books for awhile now, just downloaded Night Bells!!

  • That’s awesome L.M.!

    I’m curious, how did you manage to get this book signing event up and running at a Barnes and Noble store?

    • Thanks, Tuan! Well, a while back, I called our local B&N and asked if they might consider putting some of my print books in their store (never hurts to ask). They said they couldn’t do that, but that they had local author signings twice a year. They invited me to come out and have a signing with three other authors. I was very impressed with them. I thought it was cool that even though they couldn’t carry my print copies, they wanted me to join in their signing event. It can be cool to call around to your local bookstores, because you never know what sort of fun things they’ve got going on for local writers. 🙂

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