I’m so pleased you’re interested in my books! Be sure to utilize the drop down menu on the “Books” tab so that you can see the various series and novels I’ve written.

My books primarily take place in the fictional universe I’ve created called The Primoris System. The first series in this universe is called “Tales from Niflheim”. Each individual book is labeled as “A Tale from Niflheim”, the first of which is called Night Bells. The second is called Silent Shades. Both can be found on Amazon’s and Barnes and Noble’s websites.

Information about the Primoris System can be found here.

Information about Tales from Niflheim can be found here.

Information about Night Bells can be found here.

Information about Silent Shades can be found here.

P.S.>> If you have questions about L.M. Sherwin’s novels or website, feel free to contact her at lm@lmsherwin.com!

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