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“The Primoris System” by L.M. Sherwin // All Rights Reserved.

In the old days, before a significant portion of the humans on Ancient Earth left for a new solar system, the planet’s population had grown too burdensome for a single world. Conditions were grim, crowded, and hazardous. Scientists and astronomers searched for decades to find a new home. What they discovered, however, was an entire solar system. They named it the Primoris System, because it was the first they had found with more than one potential world that could support human life.

Twelve planets revolved around three suns and ten of those planets were habitable for humans. More decades of work yielded a new class of ships that could traverse the countless leagues of space between Ancient Earth and the Primoris System. Populations of humans volunteered to become the first colonists. However, the ships were only strong enough for a one-way voyage. Each colonist who signed on for a new world knew that they would never be able to leave it once they landed. In fact, the ships were engineered to be dismantled and used for parts on the new planets.

All ten habitable planets were colonized. In order from closest to the suns to farthest, they were named: Onnam, Imuna, Lorica, Arata, Maredryn, Engel, Kindelas, Kirovna, Niflheim, and Mirik. On these new worlds, many humans from similar cultures and geographic locals on Ancient Earth mingled together. New languages were formed from combinations of older tongues. Humans evolved new abilities and skills that weren’t needed on their old home world. On most planets, the colonists had to make do without many modern comforts, because the technology refused to work—specifically Ancient Earth’s digital technology.

However, despite the ordinary hardships faced by the colonists, an entirely new and frightening aspect of these worlds became apparent. Many of the legends and myths these cultures prized on Ancient Earth had become real in some form in their new worlds. For those who colonized Niflheim, magic became a very significant part of their lives. For those on Arata and Engel, and others, native species of alien life proved to be similar to the nightmares and fairy tales the colonists were told of as children on Earth.

The worlds of the Primoris System provided new homes for countless men, women, and children from Ancient Earth. However, each world was isolated from the other and on these new planets, the human race continued to evolve separately from other populations. They discovered that life on an alien world could be more fantastical than anything they had dreamed of on Ancient Earth.

Current Book Series in The Primoris System:

>> “Tales from Niflhiem“.

>> “Tales from Kirovna”.



The artwork above was drawn by L.M. Sherwin to illustrate the solar system. As more series are added to the Primoris System universe, those planets and moons will be filled in with color.

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© L.M. Sherwin. All Rights Reserved.

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