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Colonists from Ancient Earth landed on Niflheim almost one hundred years after the colonization efforts began. Most of the settlers hailed from Scandinavian regions of the old world. They found Niflheim to be a cold, ruthless planet with little in the way of comfort. Snowing nearly 100% of the year, Niflheim was perpetually covered in a blanket of white. When the harsh winter gave way to an unexpected, milder summer, the colonists discovered a foamy soil made up of purple matter. It was difficult to produce mass crops in the icy soil, so colonists improvised with extensive greenhouses. However, the land had more of an effect on the settlers than was first expected. When the first individuals discovered new and mysterious abilities, much attention was given to the biological implications of what appeared to be magic.

Some people developed the gift of controlling or harnessing the elements. Others began to see visions of the future or past. Those who had believed in the Old Norse ways on Ancient Earth called the new gift the Seidh. Magic became revered and used for the purpose of bettering life in such a harsh clime. Eventually, scientists on Niflheim began to extensively study the Seidh and the reasons behind its existence on the new world, when it was only dreamed of on Ancient Earth.

As years passed, countries formed and continents were named. The world slowly grew more populated, but still vastly empty compared to the Earth, which had been nearly two sizes smaller than the ice giant. Hierarchical structures formed in city and country government. Each country named a governor who resided as the highest seat of authority. Governmental duties passed down through families, instead of by popular vote. Cities and villages were ruled by mayors with far higher standing than was given to elected mayors on Ancient Earth. Mayors were considered aristocratic nobles with as much power in their own cities as the governor possessed over the country. As with the higher authorities, Mayoral duties passed down through families.

Because of the difficulties with life on Niflheim and the decreased population, legislation gradually changed to promote females to legal adulthood at the age of fourteen; males to legal adulthood at fifteen. Men and women tended to marry young and have small families. Unmarried adults in their twenties and thirties was considered uncommon.

Niflheim proved to be a great test of will for the colonists. Many died during the first hundred years, but humans grew resilient and those with the thickest skins and indomitable spirits survived the frigid conditions to become a vibrant, fierce people. The stories from this world are epic tales of valor, magic, mystery, and family.

Tales from Niflheim are a part of The Primoris System Novels.  Book One of the Tales from Niflheim series is available: Night Bells. Book Two of the Tales from Niflheim series is also available: Silent Shades.

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