Good Morning.

I am totally in my writing cave today. I didn’t even open my blinds or turn on a light in my office. The fan is on high, my dryer is clacking way off in my laundry room (which I’m pretending is the dripping of creepy stalactites), and I have spooky creatures present– a.k.a. the two fancy rats that inhabit my office.  In other words? I’m in the mood to retreat and get some good writing in.

I’m moving a bit slow this morning. As I may have mentioned before, I am training for black belt in Hapkido right now (I’ll test sometime next year, I hope.) Because I want to look like I deserve a black belt and because I want to have the strength to pull off some of my crazy awesome throws and such, I’m doing lots of training drills at night. I do pushups, crunches, squats, wall roundhouse kicks, wall sidekicks, some hip stretching and yoga before bed each night. My legs feel like jelly today. They are not so much sore as they are incredibly tired. Needless to say, on top of this strength training regimen and my normal Hapkido and Taekwondo classes, I am sleeping VERY well, which is great. It also makes it super hard to wake up in the mornings, because I’m sleeping like a hibernating bear.

So, I slogged into the “Wolf Room” this morning (explanation to follow in the next paragraph*) and set to work. I changed up my schedule again–as tends to happen when I’m feeling sluggish– which means I am blogging before doing manuscript work. I finally got my eyes to open all the way and my fingers to limber up (I couldn’t type properly for the first ten minutes.) Now, I’m awake and raring to go!

*Wolf Room explanation: When my husband and I moved into our house about a year and a half ago, one of the bedrooms had murals of wolves and bears depicted in forest landscapes all over the walls. It was quite amusing, so the room came to be affectionately known as the “Wolf Room”. Now that it has become my office, it is sometimes hard to remember to call it the “Wolf Room”, but we still make an effort, because it makes us laugh so much. It has been repainted, of course–a lovely light minty aqua color. 🙂

Back to the topic: the cave of wonders! That’s what I like to think my office is. It’s full of wonderful things: books, rats, a Sailor Moon wall scroll, a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver (aww yeah), art supplies, language resources, my super cool desk, and a huge stash of Japanese manga (in Japanese!) It is a huge source of inspiration, because I’m surrounded by the things I love. Now, if I could just get my husband to stand in the corner the entire day and act as my muse, I’d be all set! My cave of wonders would be COMPLETE! (<<–Imagine it being said as Emperor Palpatine would…)

What is your cave of wonders like? Do you surround yourself with the things that inspire and motivate you? Do you write in the same place each day? I’d love to hear!

Have fun today, kids. If you go out in the sun, wear sunscreen.


Cave of Wonders
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