My husband and I have a very special relationship. We’ve been together since we were fifteen//sixteen and now–almost a decade later–we are happier than we could have imagined. Not only do we have a fabulous marriage (with the normal challenges and trials like everyone else), but we have wonderful, encouraging friends.

Last night, we carpooled with the lovely Kate down to the ATL to have some quality time with some amazing people. The guys hung out at one house and the gals hung out at another. During that time, I shared some wonderful fellowship with some spectacular ladies–several of which have their own blogs! You should check them out! Jenny, Savannah, and Kate are all intensely special people and have really impacted my life for the better.

I’m very thankful for where we are in life. Though it is certainly not always easy, life is well with my soul. My book is going to be coming out in the next few weeks (yep– you read that right!), the air is cooling off for a fall debut, and the world continues to turn and spin. I am purposing in my heart to be thankful no matter what may come our way.

I truly hope you have a happy, thriving, miraculous Monday!

Thanks for stopping by!

Coming Together
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