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You’ve heard me talk before about my love for creative cross training— the idea that we creative-types (novelists, artists, poets, graphic designers, etc.) need to regularly engage in creative activities outside our chosen profession//main-hobby. Well, since Halloween is only a few days away, I have some fun projects to complete over the next two days! I don’t have pictures for these things yet, but I will soon.

You might ask, how does this help a writer to write better novels? Does it help a writer at all? YES. It does.

That’s the easy answer. The long answer (formed only from my personal experiences and thoughts) is that writers need ample rest for their minds, but there is no reason that “rest” shouldn’t include other creative pursuits. My reasoning behind this is that doing other creative projects–things like painting, singing, yarn//needle work, cooking, etc.– helps a writer to keep their brain wired for story and spontaneous creation. It offers a writer a break (at night or on a weekend, for instance), but that writer is still mired in something that is fueling their creative core.

I do this in several ways: I draw, digitally paint, write haiku, knit, crochet, do DIY projects, cook, and do paper crafts.

For Halloween, I have the following projects in mind:

>> Carving a cute, decorative pumpkin (tonight!)

>> Making a Paper Ghost Garland for inside the house

>> Hanging mason jars in my maple tree out front with tea lights inside!

>> Create a bat garland

>> Make herbal fire starters for our fire pit for the big night!

5 projects to complete in two days! We’ll see how well I do.

Stay tuned for pictures of these fun projects over the next few days! As well, I have some pictures from the trip the Philosopher and I took over the weekend! Don’t worry, there will be plenty of writing and reading posts this week, too!

Have a terrific Monday!

Creative Cross Training Halloween Style!
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