*Sigh*…The last few days have been MADE for reading. I’m not talking about sissy, taking-a-five-minute-reading-break kind of reading. I’m talking ALL day marathon reading! If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m not only an author, but a voracious reader. With the colder weather has come an intense desire to snuggle up in fluffy pajamas, blankets, and sit with a good book…for hours. I was the kid in high school that would be crazy sleepy in class because she had stayed up until 3 AM reading a book the night before. I’m still a lot like that. Though, I no longer stay up to 3 AM (unless it’s a weekend and my husband is away on a business trip), I still find myself called away to read as much as possible some days. I. love. to. read. SO MUCH. I love fantasy, science-fiction, YA, Christian fiction, *clean* romance, historical fiction….etc. The list could go on.

Lately, I’m on the romance train. I mentioned in this post the wonderful daily 100 free eBooks in the Kindle store and I picked up a few really cool books that I’m super excited about! I’m averaging about a book every three days lately. That’s a pretty good reading speed for a super busy wife//author//martial artist//insert other “hat” here.

What about you? What are your favorite times of year to get into the “Reading Spirit”? Do you favor cold or warm weather? Do you like rainy days? What books do you read on those sorts of days? Share, share, share!

~Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the fall!

Days Made For Reading

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