As I’ve mentioned in several other posts, I’m studying Japanese and Korean. I’ve been studying Japanese since I was twelve and Korean just in the last couple of years. I’m NOWHERE near fluent, but my hope is that I’ll keep studying for the rest of my life and eventually get somewhat proficient. I’ve never had the privilege of taking any classes in either of these beautiful languages, due to the offerings of my school systems and college. So, I’ve always studied them on my own with books, TV shows, movies, online resources, and people.

Other languages I’m interest in delving into are Quenya and Sindarin (don’t judge–Tolkien languages are the BOMB), Gaelic, and German. I’ve studied Spanish for almost my entire life, though I’m still not fluent. I can understand most people//shows//TV//signs in Spanish, but have a hard time remembering all of my verb conjugations, etc.

I’ve always been a little language nerd–even going so far as to create one of my own in middle school and many ciphers of English. The language I began creating was for one of my stories that will hopefully be my big giant EPIC one one day. I would like to finish the language, create a font for it, etc. It had grammar rules, prefixes and suffixes as units of meaning, etc. It is legit and hardcore. I’ll finish it one day. 🙂

What about you!? Speak any cool languages? Want to learn some new ones? I’d love to hear! Share, share, share!

Desk Adornment: The Language Shelf
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