Morning, all! Well, I’ve just finished with my morning writing period and I was thinking about something I wanted to ask you guys.

Do you ever get close to your characters?

I find myself practically in love with certain characters I write. Not because they are especially great or anything, but because I adore them as “people.” I find myself commiserating with them through their challenges and fears. I find myself wanting them to succeed or change or grow. I think of them as children in some ways.

I am currently writing a sequel to the novel that the Philosopher and I are preparing for publishing. The books always seem like they are about the primary characters, but in actuality (to me), they are about one character in particular. I love this character. He has done despicable, vile things in his life, but at heart, he struggles with that age-old battle between darkness and light. He strives for the light, but curls up and gets comfortable in the darkness. Sometimes, he surprises me and does something gentle or kind. He reminds me, “Hey, Mrs. Writer, remember I am actually good on the inside.”

When my characters get upset or in the thick of some problem, I find myself hoping and wishing that I’ll be able to make it worth their while. Writing is such an interesting calling. We get to make lives, destroy them, and resurrect them all the time. We create entire worlds; universes. I feel so privileged to be a part of such a group of people. I feel privileged to give birth to these children woven together by words and give them a world to feel at home (or estranged) in.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on your own characters! Please share in the comments section if you have any favorite characters from your stories! What draws you into their lives//personalities?

(p.s.–I’ve reached my word count goal EVERY DAY this week!)


~The Writer

Do you get close to your characters?

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