2016-04-08 11.20.04Ever since I was a kid, I have been prone to reading multiple books at a time. I just can’t help it. It’s an instinct I have to actively fight against if I want to read one book all the way through before picking up another. Sometimes, I’ll exercise that discipline muscle and actually grit my way through a single book before moving on, but those cases are rare. Most of the time, I just go with my poly-reader flow and end up reading several fiction and nonfiction books all at once.


To give you an example, I’m currently reading the following:


The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas (audiobook / ebook)

Nice Dragons Finish Last by Rachel Aaron (ebook)

The Blade’s Memory by Lindsay Buroker (ebook)

The Hope of the Gospel by George MacDonald (ebook)

God: A Guide for the Perplexed by Keith Ward (print, hardcopy)


In the past I have had more books going than this, but this seems to be about as much as I can reliably handle without getting swamped with reading. Now, in order to manage all of these books, I have to be a very active reader. I have been known to read something like 10 books in a month when I’ve really got my groove on. Not as many as some prolific readers out there, but when you consider that I have a day-job, a side contract job, and my work as an author…it’s a lot. Trust me.


Pros of Being a Multi-Book Reader:


Getting to experience new worlds and exciting stories more quickly.

Never growing bored with a story. You can simply take a break when you sense a burn-out coming and switch to another story before eventually rotating back.

Street cred. Most people are baffled by poly-readers.


Cons of Being a Multi-Book Reader:


It takes far longer to finish books, but once you’ve finished you have several under your belt (maybe a hybrid between a pro and a con?)

Sometimes plotlines and characters can blur together.

You can get major reader burn-out if you aren’t taking proper reading breaks.


My takeaway? I often try to read one book at a time before moving on to others. I am not always successful with this and when it grows too difficult to swim against my natural stream, I just go with it and enjoy myself.


What about you? Do you read multiple books at a time? What are you currently reading? I’m always up for book recommendations!


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Do You Read Multiple Books at a Time?
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