So, I know I’ve been MIA on my blog over the last year or so, but I wanted to check in and let you know what I’ve been up to. I’ve been writing! WOOHOO! Yes, indeed, I have plans to publish possibly two things before the end of the year, but at least one thing. I read Rachel Aaron’s 2K to 10K about a month ago and it has revolutionized my world. As you may have gathered from older blog posts, I sort of have a problem of being a super-pantser (i.e., never really planned further than the first few chapters). Because I have a day job that demands a lot of time time, I knew I needed to make the most of my limited writing time.

Aaron’s book discusses the importance of laying a firm foundation for your writing¬† before you start and the necessity for roughly planning exactly what you plan to write during each session. Since using her method, every time I’ve written, I’ve been excited, productive, and happier than ever. I’ve always been able to crank out about 2,000 words on average during my writing sessions (usually writing between and hour and an hour and a half). Since using Aaron’s method, I’ve be getting close to 5,000 in about 2 hours (give or take).

The new book I’m working on is so much fun (in my humble opinion). It’s got a mix of genres and I am loving the unusual world that’s forming around the characters. I’m not quite ready to release information about the title and such, but there will be more information coming soon. I am still working on the rough draft, but at this rate, I hope to have it done by the end of August.

If you’re struggling with getting your word counts in when you’re balancing a day job, family, and a social calendar, I would *highly* recommend Aaron’s book. It’s only $.99 and it is WELL worth the read!!

Happy writing,


My first book, Night Bells, is getting some attention with YA readers on Wattpad! Check it out!

Doubling My Word Counts!
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