*Sigh*…Ever dream about your perfect writing and/or reading space? Mine would look something like this. One day when my books sell a bazillion copies and I have enough funds to create my dream writing space, I think I’d like a hobbit hole. Not a nasty wet hole…but a comfortable one. If I can’t have a hobbit hole, then something like the little cottage above would suffice. Though I’m not a gardener, I love looking at flowers and lush forests. My dream writing space would need a garden around it, trees aplenty, and a bubbling brook nearby. If the inside looked something like the following, that’d be alright, too!



What about you? What would your dream writing and/or reading space look like? I’d love to see your Pinterest boards if you have them, or just your ideas! It’s so much fun to imagine, isn’t it?

Happy Friday.



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Dream Writing Space
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