I can feel it. There is a snapping coolness to the morning that wasn’t there before. The wind bites with a bit of frigidity. Candles are lit earlier and nights have grown longer. I adore this time of year. When I was younger, I didn’t really appreciate the seasons of fall and winter except for the holidays involved–Halloween, Christmas, etc. I didn’t understand the glorious parallel between the season’s attributes and our own physical selves. Fall is a time of settling down and quieting the mind and body. In nature, it is a time of waning and dying. The colors may be beautiful and the crisp air a delight, but we can’t ignore the fact that all of the natural world is descending into the quiet, stillness of winter.

When autumn comes, my body seems to know it. I begin to appreciate periods of extended rest and tranquility. I bring out my knitting and sit for longer periods of time, being mindful of my yarn and needles. I love to walk under the changing leaves and admire the state of the earth. My writing becomes  more introspective and gains depth rather than blatant action and excitement.

Though most of us are beginning to amp ourselves up for celebrations of togetherness with family and friends for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Advent, there is still a soothing serenity that accompanies the darkening afternoon skies and chill evenings. It goes without saying that it is one of my favorite times of year.

Go out and enjoy this cool, fall morning!


Fall is here…
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