So, I’ve mentioned before (I think) that I had a hard time feeling like “myself” when I was teaching. Well, if I haven’t mentioned that, I’m mentioning it now. It was seriously tough to feel like my true, inner-real-me self when I was a teacher. The last four years of my life (two years in the teacher program in college and two years of teaching) felt like I was in this big boat drifting away from the island of the “real me”. Now that I’m working on my dreams from home, that boat is moving back to that shoreline and back to who I’m meant to be. It is a terrific feeling. Though it is still going to be tough waking up really early, I am thrilled and so blessed to know that I get to go and pursue my childhood//adulthood dreams. My writing is going really well. A two-month writer’s block I was enduring has finally ended. Words fly from my fingers onto my manuscripts, my journal, my blogs…I am a writing addict. Also, the work for my other job, Maiedae, is going extremely well and I am about to take on some additional responsibilities with them.

There have been some obvious challenges to working from home, maintaining focus being one of them. My mother, a special education teacher (of thirty years), claims she has always known I’m ADD. I’ve never been diagnosed, of course, but I could seriously believe it. The thing with ADD is that it can have several different expressions. You could have a terrible time focusing on anything. You could have a terrible time focusing on things other than one super important thing. You could have neither of those two, but a mixture of them. Now, I cannot label myself as ADD, but I will say that I definitely have an obsessive mind and sometimes it is hard to filter out all of the things I’m focusing my attention on. I’m the person that used to be able to sit and focus for hours on one task. I can still do that, but when my mind is thinking about something else, I want to put all my attention on that instead of the task at hand.

One thing I’m trying not to do is check the internet every twelve seconds. I’ve been pretty proud of myself so far. I can’t just turn off my internet due to my job with Maiedae, and my addiction to Pandora One. However, I have developed some strategies for internet withdrawals. (1) Anytime I feel an antsy-need-to-refocus urge coming on, I look away from the computer. That’s right. I just stare out the window or at the icon I keep on my desk of Jesus and his Mother. (2) I stand up and walk around my house for a bit. (3) I spy on my fancy rats chilling in their big giant house. (4) I refill my huge Subway cup with water (I have like a thousand of those things.)

So far, these refocusing action items are helping to keep me from checking my email or Facebook every five minutes. I do give in to the temptation occasionally, but the frequency of me doing that is diminishing.

My mother brought up another challenge: remaining social when you work from home. I explained to her that my husband and I are extremely social people and are always attending get-together’s and having friends over. I also do martial arts (taekwondo and hapkido) twice a week, so I get plenty of “people-time” in. There is church also. In other words, I feel like I spend lots of time with people. I also like solitude. It is nice and quiet. 🙂

I am terribly sorry if this post was all over the place. As aforementioned, I am working on building up my ability to focus. So, thanks for hanging in there through reading this sporadic post. I hope you are all well on this fine Thursday morning.

Follow your dreams! It is more worth it than you will ever know! Can’t quit the day-job and pursue your life goals full-time right now? That’s alright. Just make time to work on your dream career at night or a minimum of once a week. It will change your life and you might be surprised by the opportunities that come your way!



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