hobbitteaI hope all of you had a very happy St. Patrick’s Day over the weekend and that you got to celebrate with some well-deserved merrymaking! It’s back to the old grindstone today for most of us. I know I started the day off with some serious internet catch-up! I realized while doing this, that I didn’t really have a post explaining my social media activity and what you can expect in the different places. Well, here you are! If you’ve been hanging around my blog for a while and you like it, I hope you’ll consider following me elsewhere on the web! For each social media “place”, I typically post different things, so it’s worthwhile to stop by in each of these from time to time. 🙂 Happy following!

>> Follow my blog with Bloglovin — Since Google Reader is going away in July, it might be a great time to check out another RSS feeder like Bloglovin! It’s a fun place to be and with it, you can subscribe to my blog and see my updates.

>> Follow me on Twitter — On Twitter, I can typically be found goofing off and posting silly minutiae about gaming, reading, writing, and random topics. I like to engage in discussion with folks there as well. I also use Twitter to let people know about new blog posts.

>> Follow me on Facebook — Besides updating with links to my most recent blog posts, I use Facebook to post questions about my work, reading, and writing. I also sometimes post short excerpts from my works-in-progress here.

>> Follow me on Pinterest — Other than being a super fun place to hang out, I use Pinterest as a life-inspiration-hub (as I’m sure you do).

>> Follow me on deviantART — In my limited spare time, I like to draw and I post my novel-related and non-novel related artwork here. Check out my stuff if you’re interested!

>> Follow me on Goodreads — If you’re not on Goodreads, you absolutely should be! It’s such a great place to check out book reviews, review books yourself, and to connect with authors! All of my recent titles and their reviews can be found here. I also like to hang out in the message boards on occasion.

>> Follow me on Wattpad — Wattpad is a really great place to find new authors and to read the FREE stuff they have available. Right now, I’m serializing Night Bells and the beta-edition of The Dark Ship is in progress, too!

I hope you’ll come follow me! I’d love to connect with you! Have a terrific Monday, y’all!

Follow Fest!
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