Hi, everyone! I hope you have had a fantastic Saturday so far! I have taken a day “off” from all interweb related stuff (well, except for about an hour this evening ;-)) in order to spend time with my husband and family. Part of the day was spent taking these pretty pictures on a hiking trail near our home. I’m really loving how all of the fall colors are starting to peek through the green!

I ADORE orange and red leaves. The yellows are super pretty, too, but orange and red leaves have a special place in my heart when autumn comes. I think it’s just the vibrancy of their colors and patinas.

*SIGH!* So much inspiration for writing can be gained from nature and the beautiful world in which we live! How can you go on a hike and NOT be inspired to write?

A really “fall-y” patch of leaves, here. Pretty soon, all the leaves will be sporting their fall colors.

Loved this. The trees are just nearly touching the surface of the water! Keep on stretching trunks! You’ll get there!

I especially love it when the trunks almost look black in comparison to the vibrant leaves.

Probably my favorite of the pictures I took today. This one just stole my heart!

Have a very happy Saturday evening! The Philosopher and I are looking forward to some “Venture Bros.” and snuggling on the couch!


Fun Fall Hiking Adventures!
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