NineNightsofNarnia copyI am SOOOOO excited about this blog event, guys! It’s less than a month away! I’ve really got to get crackin’ on preparing my posts… Since it’s so soon, I wanted to give you some ideas of what I’m considering posting on. There are to be nine total posts (on my blog) and more posts elsewhere if we have people sign up to participate. If you’d like to sign up and you haven’t already, here is the master information post. 🙂

Here are my concrete ideas that I KNOW I’d like to include in the event:

>> Remembering My First Encounter With Narnia <<

>> My First Meeting With Aslan  <<

>> My Favorite Narnia Novel <<

>> C.S. Lewis: A Brother, A Friend <<

>> If I Could Be A Pevensie… <<

>> Beloved Beings: Mr. Tumnus <<

There are some other topics that I’m considering posting on and some fun things I might try. In the poll below, click on your favorite topic or idea! I’d love to get some blog reader feedback. I’ll try to go with the top 3 choices. Thanks so much!

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Poll Results:
What is your favorite post idea from the ones suggested below?

Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I hope you have a great Friday! Be sure to sign up for the Nine Nights of Narnia Blog Event if you love Narnia, reading, and blogging! I’d love to have lots of folks participate!

Gearing up for my Nine Nights of Narnia Blog Event! Reader Poll Included!
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