It is no secret that things have been relatively quiet around here and there is good reason for that. I have hinted in the past that I’ve struggled with some health issues. I won’t mince words. I’m getting back on track with things and I’ll be honest with you. Over the last three years, I faced infertility, miscarriage, scarring depression, and some mental health struggles. Because of that, my writing and publishing schedule was affected. In July of this year, I took an opportunity working outside the home for the first time in three years. Even though it has limited my writing time, it has been so wonderful for me and for my family to have a stable 8-5 where I can interact with other human beings for most of the day. As well, having a steady day-job again means I GET to come home and write. It has helped me be passionate about my work again.

As well, I was able to get treatment for my physical and mental health and am in the best place I probably have been in my adult life. I only tell you this to help you understand my long absences and also to encourage you if you are also dealing with some scary or extremely difficult life circumstances. Your writing matters. Your passions matter. Your health situation doesn’t negate your creative worth or personal worth even when you need to take long  breaks.

2015 was the first year since 2012 that I didn’t publish a book. That being said, I am proud of the strides I made in my personal health. I am also proud of what I was able to accomplish with my writing. I finished the draft for the third Tale from Niflheim and also wrote the first rough draft for the novella that follows The Queen’s Twelfth Consort. I made lots of progress on my side-project on Wattpad, Beneath the Mountain. I began sketching, brainstorming, and drafting the first book in Younger Gods Saga. I started a Tumblr blog and began sharing sketches and art there for my series. I made great new writing friends and also reconnected with old ones. I redid my cover art for Night Bells and Silent Shades.

I learned more about myself. I struggled, overcame, struggled some more, and kept going. Life has been very difficult over the last few years, but with the fall of 2015, light finally dawned and I am finally on the path to stability.

To those of you who have joined me for the entirety of this journey, THANK YOU. To those who are new to my stories and my series, THANK YOU. To all of my readers and to everyone who makes my publishing work possible, THANK YOU.

Your support means so, so much to me and without it, I know the writing and publishing experience wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding.

Thank you for your patience. I am going to try to post here weekly from now on to keep you updated on what I’ve got going on and new releases and such. I will also try to share some occasional “lore” about my universe and whatnot. If you want a more frequent assessment of where I’m at in my writing work and some art for my books, check out my Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr.

Thanks for hanging around. I’m still here breathing, writing, and publishing! 😀



Getting Back in the Swing of Things
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