I don’t know about you, but I am hooked on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time.” That show has been such a treat during my week. I look forward to it every Sunday. Once I was caught up on all of the newest episodes, I went back and watched them over again, I loved them so much. One theme that I really appreciate in the show is the idea that people want to give their progeny a “best chance” in life. I think that is a precious thing; to will that someone’s life will be better because of their hard choices. Another aspect of the show that I love, is the fairy tale element. I find all of the new spins on old stories to be fascinating. Of course, I love books like that, too! I adore fairy tale remixes. Snow White’s character in the show is particularly interesting to me. She is strong, and bold in the “real fairy-tale” world. In the dream (our) world, she is timid, insecure, and afraid to stand up for herself. I love how each of these characters needs to find out who they really are.

Don’t we all feel like that? Like there is some real person underneath this fleshly exterior? Like there is some entity waiting to burst forth in all of its true glory? Shouldn’t we feel that we need to give  ourselves our best chance? Yesterday, I was so blessed to receive a comment on my blog from Evelyn Lim of Abundance Tapestry. Her encouragement reminded me that I am able to achieve my dreams. I can do it. I just have to give myself my best chance. Watching those characters in “Once Upon a Time” struggle to remember their true selves really resonates with me. I feel much like that myself. I feel that, in order to achieve my goals, I must “wake” the real bold, courageous, secure person that lives inside my heart. She is the real me and yet, sometimes, I feel so unlike her.

As a writer, I appreciate stories that reach the heart of real, and consuming life struggles. This show, to me, speaks volumes about living your life as your true self. We should not hide who we are behind jobs, hobbies or talents. Those things are manifestations of our true selves, but they are not the whole. We should step forth, chin up and head high, and wield our personalities and abilities with security and honor. We should know that, even if we lost our jobs or could no longer perform a certain skill, we are precious and beautiful without those things. We are individuals; there will never be anyone like you in the universe ever again. There may be individuals that come along who are similar to you, but they will not be you. Just as there will never be anyone who is exactly like Snow White or Rumpelstiltskin, those of us in the real world are just as unique and precious to the universe. Our stories are just as interesting and meaningful.

So, today, start writing a new chapter or scene in your life. Start trying to give yourself your very best chance at your dreams; live life as you really are. Awaken your true self and be bold in your choices. Remember, your life is your very own fairy tale– full of magic and wonder. Give yourself your best chance in life. For me, that means leaving my current job and stepping out on faith to be a full-time writer and editor. For you, that may mean going for that job interview or cutting something out of your busy life. It could be anything, because each of us are different; so are our needs and dreams. Dream big and go for it!

In what ways do you try to give yourself a “best chance” in life? 

Give Yourself Your Best Chance

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