After all the busyness of the last two weeks, my husband and I slept in yesterday, woke up and watched Saturday morning cartoons (yes, we’re 8-year-olds at heart) and then did….nothing. It was AMAZING. I literally sat in a big comfy chair in my pajamas and read books on my Kindle ALL DAY. Seriously. It was the best relaxation day I’ve had in a long time. I haven’t just sat down and read through an entire book in one sitting in a long while and it really reminded me of how much of a book gobbler I am.

If you haven’t taken an all day rest day in a while, my advice is to get into some pajamas or comfy lounge clothes and make it happen. It is incredibly healing and rejuvenating. We all need rests like that. Take a minute to celebrate all your hard work by sitting in peace and quiet and reading. You know you want to!

When was the last time you sat down for an entire day and engaged in an activity you love? Share!



Happy Sunday. I’m off to late church (slept too long for early church 😉

Glorious Relaxation
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