Again, you may ask, “What does all this crafting nonsense have to do with writing and reading?” Well, first off, in order to do many DIY projects, you have to either WRITE an article about it or READ the instructions! LOL. So, HAH! As well, if you’ve read this article or this one, you’ll know that I love creativity and creative cross training. I believe that engaging in other creative activities helps writers to keep their brain wiring hooked up for story, character, and plot creation.

Enough self-explanation. Here are my fun crafting projects from yesterday! If you’ll remember, I mentioned I was going to work on several projects. I had five total. I’ve since decided to abandon the mason jar lanterns. With the effects of Hurricane//Superstorm Sandy creating insane wind gusts in my north Georgia town, I’ve decided against flames in dry trees… As well, I’ve not made our herbal fire starters yet. That is a project for today.



For this adorable Halloween bunting, you’ll need the following:

>> 5×7 white index cards (or larger)

>> Thin (fine point) markers in assorted colors

>> Scissors

>> Yarn

>> Clothespins or single hole puncher

To make, just draw a cute ghost shape in a black marker, taking up most of your white index card. Cut around the black outline so that you can see their cutesy outline. Then, using your markers, create a ghostie of your liking. Repeat this process. You can theme your ghosts to a fun show, movie, story, or Halloween theme, but I just sort of randomly created them. Hang them on a yarn bunting with your clothespins. DONE! An adorable display that’s fun for families with or without kids. If you have kids, get them involved and let them make their own ghosties for the garland!



For these little guys, you’ll only need 3 things:

>> Black construction paper

>> Scissors

>> Double stick or scotch tape

To make, fold your black construction paper in half (width-wise) and use your scissors to cut the half-outline of your bat! There are many stencil-like images online if you’re not sure how to cut. As well, you could use a white crayon to draw the outline if you like. Unfold, stick tape on the back, and press to your blinds or walls! I think it’s fun having them on the windows, but I’m weird like that. 🙂 This one is also very kid friendly (with adult supervision).

This is what my living room looks like with the ghost garland and window bats altogether!



It is a bit shameful, but this is the first jack-o-lantern I’ve carved since we’ve been married! Our other Halloweens were pumpkin-less. Growing up, I always adored making jack-o-lanterns. This year, I carved it outside on the driveway while the Philosopher put our fire pit together for the big night. You’ll need the following to carve a pumpkin (in case you don’t already know…LOL).

>> A big spoon

>> A big knife

>> A big pumpkin

>> Newspapers

>> A candle

Lay out all your newspapers and then use your big knife to cut a circle around the stem so you can make a lid. Pull that out and then use your fingers and spoon to get all the guts out. Save the seeds if you’re culinarily inclined to use them. Either mark where you want your “face” or just cut (like I did). Create a cute or scary face. Put in your candle. Voila! You’re done. You’ve got an adorable yard decoration! Just make sure to put it away from rotten kids who might smash it! (My friend, unfortunately, had that happen to her one year…)

There you go! I think it looks rather dashing next to my door.

So, don’t despair if you haven’t bought Halloween decorations! you can make all these things for SUPER cheap to free, if you already have the supplies at home. I probably waited a little too late to make these things, but I’ll save all of them (except the pumpkin) for next year’s Halloween celebration!

Now, I’m off to write on my novels! Enjoy! If you make the crafts, I’d love to see pictures of your creations!

~Happy Halloween (a day early)

Halloween Pumpkin and Paper Crafts!
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