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Hi, everyone! Any indie author will tell you the benefit of having a free eBook available for readers. Lindsay Buroker has spoken at length on this very topic and about how it has helped her gain a rabid dedicated fan following. The first book in my Tales from Niflheim series, Night Bells, is currently free at Smashwords , Kobo, and Novel Nook, but I’m still trying to get it listed as free on Amazon for my Kindle readers. If you have about a minute to spare today, I’d love it if you’d consider helping me make Night Bells free for my readers! It’s easy to alert Amazon to a lower eBook price. All you have to do is:

>> Copy the links where Night Bells is listed as free: 



>> Go to Amazon’s page for Night Bells here:

>> Scroll down the page to where it says “Product Details”

>> Underneath “Product Details”, you’ll see a blue link that reads: Tell us about a lower price

>> Follow the instructions and submit it!

Having a free eBook available for readers is an excellent way to gain exposure and I would LOVE to be able to offer Night Bells for free on the Kindle. The more folks who alert Amazon about the lower price, the better. 🙂 I’d appreciate your time and effort if you’d consider doing this. I am so thankful for each and every blog and book reader! You guys are the best!

THANK YOU! Have a terrific day!

Help Make Night Bells FREE for the Kindle!
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  • Just did.

    Just curious, how do you make something permanently FREE on Amazon?

    Is there a certain number of readers that have to report it for it to be free forever?

    • Hi, Tuan! As far as I know, it depends a lot on how popular the book is on Amazon and how many people report it. If you’d like more information on price matching for free ebooks, I’d recommend browsing around Lindsay Buroker’s site. She has lots of great articles about it. This is my first eBook that I’m attempting this with and I’ve been trying to get it perma-free on Amazon for about a month now. For some people, it only takes a few days. For others, it can take weeks or months. Just depends on your book’s stats, I think. Hope that was helpful. 🙂 Thanks for price-matching, Tuan! I appreciate it!

  • Done 🙂 I hope it goes free on the Kindle soon so that others may enjoy it 😀

    • Awww, thanks! I have to get it free in BN, first, before Amazon will budge, but I’ll keep trying to do that and everything I’ve got!


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