So, as many of your know, I’m a major fan of Amanda Hocking‘s books. She is a very talented writer and has recently taken the route of traditional publishing with St. Martin’s! The first book in her Watersong series will come out soon and I am majorly excited!

Anyway, back to the point: Amanda Hocking has been interviewed by J.L. Bryan on his blog! Now, believe me, this interview is different than any you’ve read ┬ábefore! Don’t think that you’ve read everything Amanda Hocking has to say about herself, because– trust me– you haven’t! This interview really brightened my morning and made me laugh out loud more than once. You should all go check it out. Go on. Nudge, nudge…(I’m shooing you away!)

Top of the morning, all! Thanks for stopping by!

~L.M. <3

Holy Smokes! Amanda Hocking Interview on J.L. Bryan’s Blog!
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