After a summer of intensely hard work on my books and editing work, my desk has been eaten by notes, hearts, clutter, and Zelda. Those of you who have read my Desk Adornment posts will recognize some of the beauties on my desk. Can you find them all? Comment if you can!

I am tired. Yesterday, I was brimming with all of this delirious energy and today…I’m just tired, LOL. I thought maybe I’d sleep in a little later, but this weekend I’m working on Saturday and Sunday, so might as well get up and get goin’.

My original goal yesterday was to do another full edit of my manuscript in two days. Not sure if that will actually be possible now–we are celebrating my hubby’s mom’s birthday tonight. 🙂 I’ll get as far as I can, but at some point, I’m going to HAVE to rest today.

The crazy thing, though? I’ll be a published author this same time next weekend. (0.0) INSANE. I have been waiting for this moment since I was in third grade–probably earlier! I’ve been talking with people and they keep telling me how much of a big deal this is and I totally feel it, but it is hard to be objective about the big picture when you’re so close to the work in such an intimate way.

I’m excited. I’m tired. I’m ready. I’m not ready. I’m trusting.

Have a happy Saturday!


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