Lately, I’ve noticed something about myself. I’ve been scouring reviews before trying a book. In the past? Not so much. I used to just grab a book, read the blurb, and go to town. I kind of miss that. I’ve gotten into the habit of religiously reading reviews before picking up a book. Even if I’m feeling adventurous and grab a new book from the library or used bookstore on a whim, I’ll still go home and check out the reviews.

Not sure how I feel about this.

I miss the days when I’d just give a book the benefit of the doubt (and total ignorance) and just read it and form my own opinion. When I read too many reviews beforehand, it colors and taints my opinions going in. It’s unavoidable.

What about you? Do you like to read tons of reviews before you give a book a chance, or are you a “try it and see” sort of person? Thoughts on reviews before reading?

How Important are Reviews to You When You’re Considering a Book to Read?
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