Lately, I’ve noticed something about myself. I’ve been scouring reviews before trying a book. In the past? Not so much. I used to just grab a book, read the blurb, and go to town. I kind of miss that. I’ve gotten into the habit of religiously reading reviews before picking up a book. Even if I’m feeling adventurous and grab a new book from the library or used bookstore on a whim, I’ll still go home and check out the reviews.

Not sure how I feel about this.

I miss the days when I’d just give a book the benefit of the doubt (and total ignorance) and just read it and form my own opinion. When I read too many reviews beforehand, it colors and taints my opinions going in. It’s unavoidable.

What about you? Do you like to read tons of reviews before you give a book a chance, or are you a “try it and see” sort of person? Thoughts on reviews before reading?

How Important are Reviews to You When You’re Considering a Book to Read?
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  • That’s exactly how it is for me, too. I think it has to do with the easy accessibility to book reviews now. Years ago, before Amazon and Goodreads, you only ever saw book reviews in magazines and such. And people don’t just browse bookstores and the library as much anymore. Or if we do, we know we can go online-right there–with our phones or tablets–and click-click to check out what’s being said about the books we find there.

    Anyway, yes, I agree that I miss the days of just diving in. But it seems there are sooooooooo many books out there now to choose from. The internet has made that possible, too, because now we’re not limited to what can fit on the shelf space in a bookstore or library. (Shelf space that is quickly being handed over to desk accessories and junk at bookstores, but that’s a-whole-nother monster….)

  • I don’t read the reviews because sometimes that made me judge a book before give it a try, some people could hate what you love, so if some book caught my attention i read it without thinking in what others thought about it, maybe later i would writr my opinion about it when is a good book, if not i reserve my opinion for others to judge it

  • Before I bought my books online, I bought them in the store where I could read a bit and see if I was interested. I can usually tell in the first few pages. To be fair, I tended to stick with what I knew and who I liked.

    Now, I can just go on and read what other people thought if I’m undecided. Either way, I won’t buy a book if it doesn’t have a preview (which, most do) and I always read the preview. I still look at the reviews, but if I don’t like it with the preview, I won’t buy it. So I guess my style has stayed pretty consistent even with going from many store to online. 😀

  • CC

    I rarely read book reviews. When I can’t decide if I want to read a book or not I usually read the first page or two and see if anything grabs me.


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