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It has come to my attention that my house sits approximately in the center of Bunny Alley. This means, of course, that on any given morning or evening, my husband and I will encounter at least one bunny, if not four or five, in our yard or a neighbor’s. It is painfully cute, to say the least. Every bunny we’ve seen seems to be of the brown, mottled, adorable variety with big giant eyes and perky pink ears. I’ve gotten pretty close to them before they dart away, but they always do in the end. I LOVE rabbits and bunnies. If I could have one in the house (without fearing it would chew through all of my husband’s computer cords), I totally would. I’d let it run around with a little bell collar on its neck throughout the house.  At least I get to see them all in my neighborhood most days. It fills the little bunny-shaped hole in my heart. It keeps me appreciative of my precious fancy rats (who are both currently sleeping curled up in their hammock about a foot from where I’m typing.) Yeah. They know they’re awesome. They know I keep them close just to admire their cuteness.

Today, the Philosopher and I woke up, went to early church, and then headed out for a fun early birthday celebration for me. My birthday is actually next Saturday, but next weekend is going to be pretty busy, so we decided to do our fun excursion today. I’m a sucker for animated films and since “Brave” had just come out, we went to see it. I LOVED it. I had heard mixed reviews about it, but I could not have been happier or more impressed with it. My husband also enjoyed it immensely. We left the theater pleased and happy. Afterwards, we meandered around the mall and  ate a nice dinner out.

I am about to do some editing before I head off to relax for the evening. I am DETERMINED to enter into the fourth edit of my manuscript this week. I have about 130 or so more pages to get through before that can happen, but I am DETERMINED, as I said, to make it through it this week. My husband and I have set a publishing goal for ourselves–which I will reveal in a later post. I just hope you all will be excited about my upcoming novel! I know I am. I will, of course, release details closer to our publishing date. We are planning to publish through Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords at this point.

I hope you have all had a nice, relaxing Sunday!

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I Live on Bunny Alley
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