Today, I went to the library to pick up some books and I was sooooo happy to see TONS of children and their parents shuffling between the stacks and grabbing books here and there. I asked the circulation assistant why they were so busy and she smiled and said, “It’s the first day of Summer Reading.”  I remember those days. I remember days when my mom would drive us to the county library and we would spend what felt like hours there! I love the smell of libraries. I love the stillness and the hush that falls over the place. I love to see children with armloads of books.

My husband proposed to me in a library. Whenever I’m seeking peace or calm, I love to visit the library. It holds such pleasant memories for me. I often go (about every month or two) and just pick out a gazillion books that I probably know I’ll never get around to reading. It’s just comforting to me to have a sackful of books around. All that knowledge and information…all those stories…We are so privileged to have access to them all!

Do you still love visiting the library? When do you like to go? Do you always get around to reading everything you check out? 

I Still Love the Library
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