It is majorly hard to believe that it is already the FOURTH day of my Nine Nights of Narnia blog event! Today, I’m going to answer the question, “If I could be a Pevensie, which Pevensie would I be?!” 

Well, this isn’t terribly hard to answer for me. Without a doubt, I would be…

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That’s right! I’d be LUCY!

Aside from Aslan and Mr. Tumnus (who’ll get his own post tomorrow!), Lucy is my absolute favorite of all the Pevensie children and Narnia characters in general. When I think of words to describe this truly courageous heroine, the following come to mind:


These are words that I, myself, strive to have included in descriptions of ME. I want to be passionate and valiant when I live my life. I want to be dedicated to my family and friends. I want to be unashamed of my faith and my convictions. I want to be heroic and brave. Lucy is all of these things and more. Of all the children, it is Lucy who has the closest relationship with Aslan and the one who can find him when the others forget how to look for him. It is Lucy who holds the rest of her family in balance and keeps them together. 

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Lucy makes me want to become the very best version of myself. Therefore, if it fell to me to become a Pevensie child, I would pray that I could be Queen Lucy the Valiant.

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Have a terrific Tuesday!


**Please be in prayer for the victims of the bombings in Boston and their families! Be in prayer for the policemen, firefighters, and relief workers. Be in prayer that whoever is responsible will be brought to justice.**

If I could be a Pevensie…
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