My husband and I have a tradition. Every Saturday morning, we watch “Saturday Morning Cartoons”. Usually, this devolves into a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fest. Yep. I have the best husband ever! Sometimes, we’ll watch Futurama. Typically, though, it’s the former. 🙂

This morning was no exception. We watched two episodes of pony shenanigans and then got ready for a nice lunch we’re having with some friends. This afternoon and evening, I fully expect we’ll enjoy a nice dinner together and maybe watch something fun. We also adore reading Questionable Content together. It’s an online web comic that is H I L A R I O U S. There might be some of that, too. In other words? We’re going to indulge our little 8 year old selves with cartoons, comics, and snuggles. 🙂

Have a nice Saturday. 🙂

I’m 8 Years Old at Heart
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