So, I’m out of practice with this whole blogging thing. It’s not really something I can keep up consistently, if I’m being completely honest with myself. However, I figured with a new book coming out in (hopefully) a few days, I figured I better not be such a ghost around here.

I’m waiting to reveal the cover and title information until I’ve actually hit the Big Button, but I can tell you that I’m trying some new tricks with this release. First off, I’ve finally taken the advice of so many other authors and put together a newsletter. Subscribe if you’d like new release information and promotions on books.

Second, I’m going KDP Select with this book and most likely the series (at least for a little while). I’m curious about how Kindle Unlimited will affect sales. I also like trying new things and since I’m not completely dependent on my writing for my income, I have a bit more flexibility in hopping on new bandwagons.

Thirdly, I not only have professional editing for this title, but I also have professional cover art! This is seriously exciting. Cannot WAIT to reveal this beautiful, beautiful cover!

I’m very excited about this book. It was definitely a labor of love and I cannot wait to explore these characters further in subsequent books. I’ll be back in the next few days with the cover reveal, title and blurb information, and hopefully sale links!

Thanks for sticking with me on this journey! I hope you enjoy the new read. 🙂


I’m Prepping for a Book Launch
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